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‘Ignore health scares; HRT is safe, say scientists’


This new study, reported in The Telegraph today, was conducted by the New York University School of Medicine. The researchers tracked 80 women using hormone replacement for 10 years and compared them with a control group who were not using the medication. The HRT group suffered no more incidences of cancer, diabetes or heart disease than the control group.

However, in 2003 the British Millennium Women Study published its findings claiming that HRT raised the risk of cancer.

It is no wonder women are confused about what to do.

What you must remember is that there is no one size fits all for any medication. The safety of HRT will depend on your individual risk factors such as:

• Your family history – e.g. of venous thrombosis (DVT), breast or womb cancer
• Your medical history – e.g. a history of recurrent DVT
• Your cancer history – e.g. a history of breast and womb cancer
• Your reproductive history – e.g. whether you have had children and the age at which your periods stopped

There is no doubt that HRT is beneficial in some women and can help improve quality of life. In some groups however, the risks outweigh the benefits. The decision to start or stop taking HRT must always be made in conjunction with your health specialist.

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