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Statistics show that patients operated on by female surgeons have a better outcome. Despite this, surgery remains a male-dominated field. For example in India, where 80% of obstetricians and gynaecologists are female, only a small proportion undertake complex surgical procedures. I was therefore, pleased to participate in the Eve Endoscopy conference which was convened to showcase the talents of female surgeons.

Eve Endoscopy
I demonstrated laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for a woman with endometrial (womb) cancer. The surgery was relayed live to a conference room with 250 delegates. It was challenging but rewarding. The patient recovered well and was discharged home the next day.

surgery - India
As a Gynaecological Oncologist it is important to me to ensure high standards of care here in the UK but also to share my expertise with colleagues from other countries.

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I hope that, in the near future, more women surgeons everywhere in the world will gain the confidence and expertise to perform complex surgery on patients as appropriate.