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Cervical screening attendance is at a twenty year low. It is a tragedy that in this country two women a day still die of a potentially preventable disease.

With this in mind, Public Health England had launched the first ever cervical screening campaign with the simple message Cervical Screening Saves Lives

Screening is a test to prevent cancer not, as is erroneously reported by a lot of media, a test to detect early cancer.

Screening works by detecting pre-cancerous abnormalities on the cervix. These changes cause no symptoms so you would not know you had them if you did not attend for  screening. If undetected and untreated, they can put women at risk of cervical cancer. The good news is that they are fully treatable, often by a simple outpatient procedure. Nineteen out of twenty women only need one treatment.

So the message is simple; Women who have regular screening are unlikely to get cervical cancer

To listen to the full interview please click here  – the interview starts at 9.34 and runs to 26.00 minutes

Adeola Olaitan - cancer screening saves lives