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Pelvic pain

Women can get discomfort or pain in the pelvis for a variety of reasons.

This symptom is common but can impair a woman’s quality of life significantly. The type of pain – whether it is related to periods. Sexual intercourse or constipation can give a clue about the cause and will direct the investigations. Most of the causes are treatable and only rarely is it related to a gynaecological cancer.

You should not ignore pelvic pain. Report it so it can be investigated and managed in a sympathetic way and any serious causes can be identified and treated



‘Why me? I had ovarian cancer at 14’

21 August 2019

Miss Adeola Olaitan contributed to this BBC article about ovarian cancer in very young women When 14-year-old Kelliyah started experiencing severe abdominal pain, she initially blamed it on one too many fizzy drinks and a lack of exercise. She lived with the persistent symptoms for weeks before going to hospital. But once she did, doctors […]

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