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It is important that we women look after our health to stay well and enjoy a good quality of life. The well woman clinic is for women who wish to stay healthy or women who are concerned that they may have a health problem. We offer help with weight management, as excessive weight can put women at risk of some gynaecological abnormalities including cancer. We offer a genital health check, the specifics of which will depend on your age, your family history and the presence or absence of symptoms.

Who is it for?

Every woman

How often?

Every year

What does it involve?

A well woman check is a thorough check up giving you peace of mind. The extensive well woman review is designed to pick up any illnesses at an early stage and is an essential part of pro-active healthcare management. A well woman check includes the following:

  • Consultation with a Consultant Gynaecologist
  • Full history taking and pelvic examination
  • Blood pressure and BMI (Body Mass Index) assessment
  • Cervical Smear (PAP test)
  • Contraception and sexual health review
  • Detailed written report emailed or posted to you and your GP
  • Explanation of results
  • Arrangement for prescription and onward referral at no extra cost
  • Direct access to consultant 24/7 for any urgent health concerns


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