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Feedback from previous patients:

“Dr Olaitan is extremely professional in all ways and I have every confidence to get a full prognosis”

“Miss Olaitan is everything I have circled above and more she has been so charming understanding and very helpful since the 1st time I became her patient a real doctor patients saviors”

“If every doctor in the land was only half as good as this doctor the medical service would be vastly improved”

“Couldn’t have got better treatment and care anywhere else”

“She is great”

“Helpful, efficient and kind”

“I am very happy with the treatment I have received from Dr Olaitan over the past year”


‘Why me? I had ovarian cancer at 14’

21 August 2019

Miss Adeola Olaitan contributed to this BBC article about ovarian cancer in very young women When 14-year-old Kelliyah started experiencing severe abdominal pain, she initially blamed it on one too many fizzy drinks and a lack of exercise. She lived with the persistent symptoms for weeks before going to hospital. But once she did, doctors […]

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